Phones That Can Send A Touch/Blow/Kiss

December 14, 2010


Want a phone that can send and receive a touch/blow/kiss? "ABSOLUTELY!" Haha, not that kind of blow. "What a piece of shit!" I'm with you. Just wait till you hear how it works. It's pretty nasty, yo.

The first phone replicates touch by using a small motor attached to a cord that applies pressure to the back of the user's hand. Another cellphone simulates moisture using a wet sponge inside of the device that pushes against your lips. The last phone demonstrated blows a puff of air onto your neck or ear.

Hemmert thinks that the physicality of telecommunications will be very important in the future. He envisions a world where people will send a kiss over their cellphones instead of a text message.

By a show of hands, who here is actually willing to make out with a phone? Whoa -- that many?! Seriously? I -- wow -- I really didn't see that one coming. That squirrel this morning either. Stole my Cheetos AND bit me. Now I'm scared I have rabies. Cooties too but I'm afraid to get tested.

Relatively boring/sad video of guy talking about the phones after the jump.

Weird cellphones blow, kiss and touch to make talking intimate [dvice]

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