OH COME ON!: The Knife-Weilding Meat-Bot

December 6, 2010


Because hell hath no fury like a woman scorned robot armed, Japanese firm Mayekawa Electric has developed a robot programmed to bone a ham. And not like that pervert Old MacDonald either, I'm talking about actually removing the bone from the meat with a blade. Yipes!

Until now, boning 500 hams per hour required 20 people. But using HAMDAS-R, only 10 people are needed [GW's note: with the other 10 offered to Skynet in sacrifice]. The robot's consistent processing capability also makes production planning easier. From now on, Mayekawa intends to market HAMDAS-R worldwide, primarily in Europe and Japan.

"Thinking about irregularly shaped, soft items, most kinds of food come into this category, including fish and vegetables. We'd like to build up our know-how regarding how to automate their processing, so we can construct a general-purpose system for handling irregularly shaped, soft items."

"Irregularly shaped, soft items" -- hmmmm. I am looking a little doughy around the middle. *does like eight-thousand sit-ups* BOOYA -- somebody's abs are symmetrical and hard as granite. Just kidding, I puked after 20 and made a breakfast burrito.

One more terrifying photo and a disgusting raw-meat filled video after the jump.


Automatic Ham Boning Robot - Mayekawa HAMDAS-R [diginfo]
Ham De-Boning Robot Wields Knife to Become My New Fear [gizmodo]

Thanks to James, Tim and Priby, who weren't surprised to not find any sort of non-ham failsafe mentioned.

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