Of Course: XBox Kinect Virtual Sex Games

December 16, 2010


"New technology -- quick, how can we use it for sex?"

Note: Video after jump is NSFW due to awkward, scantily clad groping.

A smut-peddling software company is hard(!) at work developing the first virtual sex games to make use of the XBox Kinect motion-control system. That's a screenshot of Captain Blurryface Embarrassedtoplay demoing the system there. Oh come on, there's no shame in virtual-sexin'! Yes, yes there is too. It's actually all shame.

The demo comes from ThriXXX software, a maker of 3D role-playing sex simulation games, which said in a statement today that "the open-sourcing of device drivers for Kinect have enabled the...device to be used directly from connected PCs operating on Windows 7...The Kinect interface provides another exciting interface option for users of the sex simulation software to control the experience in extraordinary new ways. Controller-free is the next generation of game user interfaces, allowing users to use gestures, spoken commands, or objects to control in-game action that creates a completely new sex game activity and magical experience."

"Magical experience", right. Because there's nothing more magical than having your roommate come home to you virtual-f***ing the sofa THAT HE PAID FOR. That's just a good way to get kicked out of an apartment. Also, tearing up the floor to install an indoor pool. Whatever slumlord, this was about to be a luxury unit!

Hit the jump for a sad video demo.

Kinect sex is here, game company says [cnet]

Thanks to BellaCroix and MrTwinkles, who prefer old-fashioned virtual sex: actual sex.

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