Now That's How You Sell Refurb Ink Cartridges

December 9, 2010


Honesty IS the best policy.

As a guy who hides under his desk avoiding his real job and blogging all day, I've always been curious about the life of a product description writer. And thankfully, the writer of a UK-based refurbished ink cartridge retailer has finally provided some much needed insight. Apparently it's not as glamorous as one would expect. Shocking, I know. But I thought I'd still like to give it a go:

Remanufactured HP 300 - (CC640EE) Black

Remanufactured, just for you. Contains 8mL (NOT the Eminem movie) of the highest quality black-market squid ink laundered money can buy (we're actually a prostitution ring). Will print indefinitely without fading, streaking, or turning your fingers black. Can other ink cartridge refurbishers promise that? They could, but that'd make them dirty f***ing liars. One time I printed out nudie pictures of a celebrity with this ink and you'd swear her breasts were 3-D -- that's how good this shit is. Also great for huffing. You know what? I don't even want to sell it anymore -- I'm keeping it all for myself. If you add one to your cart and I'm high enough, I may send you a cartridge, but don't count on it. You CAN count on still being charged though. I'm serious, that's how badass this ink is -- it's worth taking a chance of not even getting to get.

*Printing important documents with this ink makes them legally binding, regardless of signatures.

**Printing 'LOST DOG' signs with this ink will retroactively make your dog not run away in the first place. Does NOT work for cats.

I dunno, I thought it was kinda fun.

Product Site (currently down due to traffic I think)
Ink Cartridge Description of the Day []

Thanks to Colin, who makes his own printer ink out of vegetable oil and herbs. WTF?! Do you even have electricity?

  • Toner cartridge recycle, also known as printing device capsule recycle, is a process where clear capsules are gathered after they are all used up and sold again by a third party as refurbished. The steps engaged in remanufacturing capsules differ from one producer to another but generally include searching, methods to ensure that qc is sufficient and cleaning and re-fill skin cartridge and toner to the capsule package.

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