New Zealand Military Releases Alien Files

December 27, 2010


New Zealand has a military?!

After persistent freedom of information requests, the New Zealand military has decided to release more than 2,000 pages of previously confidential files documenting alien/UFO sightings. Mostly by crazy people. An example:

A man who in 1995 met the giant alien with size 440 shoes says the being told him that on dying humans ascend as hydrogen atoms. "You will remain in hydrogen form for 150 years. Then it will change to sodium."

Size 440's, really? *cough* Bullshit *cough* I've seen aliens that wear 350's before, but 440's? Somebody's obviously been spitting their meds out behind the nurse's back. Fun fact: Seattle's Space Needle -- actually a leftover probe. NEVER AGAIN YOU BUG-EYED PERVERTS!

Alien with size 440 shoe among New Zealand UFO sightings [telegraph]
New Zealand's UFO files: examples [telegraph]

Thanks to Brittany, who didn't realize I'd gotten up to chug some chocolate milk in the middle of the night and mistook me for an alien when I came back to bed. She beat me till my eyes bled.

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