NES Guitar Certainly Adds New Meaning To Playing Nintendo. Doesen't it? DOESN'T IT?!

December 14, 2010


I just punched myself in the face for writing that title. "Good start -- do your balls next!" Wow, I love you too. This is a Nintendo that's been gutted and turned into a guitar. It doesn't play games anymore, but it does play music! *air-guitaring Come As You Are* NEEDS MORE POWER GLOVE.

Custom 6 String Electric Guitar with an NES body. Features a standard neck with a hard-tail bridge. Single coil pickup with volume control and an output jack. (Note: Each guitar will be slightly different with constant improvements to the design)

Some guy was selling them for $150 with $20 shipping but he's currently sold out. You can check out his page though to stay abreast (I prefer pairs) when more are available. Oooooor you can stick around here and actually learn something. It might not be anything you wanted to learn, but I'm bound to teach you something. Also, bound to my desk and gagged. I think I'm being robbed!

Hit the jump for a video of NES-shredding action.

Product Site (with more pictures and info)
The Nintendo Electric Guitar [obviouswinner]

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