Mesmereyezing Magic Worm Is Mesmereyezing

December 8, 2010


See how I snuck "eye" into mesmerizing? That required a magic potion. Which reminds me -- I need to pick up some more sun-dried witch's nips the next time I'm at the wizard store. Damn yeah I saw Harry Potter trying to sneak into the adults only section last time I was there! Kid's a f***ing pervert. I've been staring at this picture for the last ten minutes and I still haven't gotten bored. What I have gotten is subliminal messages from some demon-lord telling me to stab my neighbor. SHE'S LIKE 200! Whoa whoa whoa -- undead sorceress, what?! *sharpening ceremonial blade*

Infinite Snake Animation to Screw with your Eyeballs [obviouswinner]

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