Medical Miracles: Stem Cells Cure Man's HIV?

December 14, 2010


Allegedly an HIV-positive German man with leukemia (that's pretty cruel, God) was given a stem-cell transplant from a donor that's HIV resistant, which has left the man HIV-free for four years now. Now I have absolutely no clue how growing weed inside someone could possibly cure AIDS, so I'm not even gonna begin to pretend to be a scientist. What I am gonna pretend to be a janitor so I can sneak into the women's changing room and steal bikini tops. Kidding -- KIDDING! Bottoms.

Man Cured of HIV with Stem Cells [gawker]

Thanks to Todd from IDLYITW, who once cured a man's blindness by tying his hands behind his back so he couldn't play with himself for a month. Does, uh, does that really work? (I'm down to tunnel vision)

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