Mario Game Trailer In The Style Of GTA

December 15, 2010


Note: MUST-SEE video after the jump has a couple (literally, a couple) dirty words.

This is an incredibly well made trailer for The Brothers Mario, a make-believe Mario game in the style of a Grand Theft Auto. Admittedly, I'd play the hell out of it. Also, the skin flute provided the price was right. Which, Drew -- open that envelope! "And the actual retail price is....$24 -- in quarters?!" DON'T JUDGE ME, I HAVE A MOUTH TO FEED AND I'M ON A VENDING MACHINE DIET! Sun Chips, SUN CHIPS!

Hit the jump for almost five-minutes of heart mushroom pounding action.


Thanks to J, Neonarg and CHRISYUNTHEGREAT, who would've made sure Bowser's body was found under a bridge with his own dingaling in his mouth. Wow.

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