Majora's Mask 'Song Of Healing' Played On Wine Glasses (With Bonus Special Effects!)

December 9, 2010


This is a video by Youtube user Sp0ntanius playing the 'Song of Healing' medley from the Zelda classic Majora's Mask using nothing but wine glasses. Some he beats on, some he rubs his finger on, none he beats or rubs his wiener on (not in this version anyway). It's really impressive and I highly recommend giving it a watch. Plus he interacts between the nine separate videos by reaching for and pouring into different glasses. Very clever. I tried drawing my own Inception-style dream map so I could comprehend how somebody could even make such a video, but it quickly turned into a doodle of a dinosaur humping the Hollywood sign and I hung it on the fridge. Then I took a couple shots, chugged a beer, and just called a cab so I can take the dogs to the vet. Somebody's gonna steal some cat meds!

Also after the jump: another video of Sp0ntanius playing a stop-motion version of the Palace Theme from Zelda II that still makes my heart fall out my butthole whenever I hear it. Damn you, last palace!

Toast This Zelda Wine Glass Cover [kotaku]

Thanks to wes g, who once rubbed a wine glass until a genie come out. ZOMG, please tell me it granted unlimited booze! Where do you live -- I can be there in five hours.

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