Luke I Am Your Lorax: Seuss/Star War Mashup

December 3, 2010


Geekologie Reader Tom D sent me a link on behalf of his friend, Adam Watson, who's currently working on a Dr. Seuss/Star Wars mashup project. Basically, they're Star Wars characters in the style of Dr. Seuss. I think they're pretty spot on if you ask me. And speaking of spot on -- is it true spotting ammonia on a blood stain will get it out? Really?! Even on trunk upholstery? I'm asking for a friend. One I killed. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! (Don't tell anybody)

Hit the jump for five more of the 'I will not eat glitterstim and Han'.






Adam Watson's Website

Thanks to Tom D, who's a good friend. God knows none of my friends try to spread the good word of Geekologie. JERKS.

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