Like A Phoenix From The Ashes!!: Crayon Melter Makes New Crayons From Old Ones

December 30, 2010


The Crayola Crayon Maker is a $20 E-Z-Bake oven that melts bits and pieces of old crayons into new, shit-brown colored ones.

If you've got kids, you've got crayons. And if you've got crayons, you've probably got a big container of tiny crayon nubs that are even too small for kid fingers. But Crayola themselves now have a way for you to recycle all those worn down bits into new crayons, mixing and mashing whatever colors you like together.


Hit the jump for a commercial featuring some special looking kids that probably shouldn't be using a heating element without parent supervision.

Product Site
Crayola Crayon Maker Recycles All Those Colorful Nubs [ohgizmo]

Thanks to Alyson, who once melted a whole bunch of crayons into a round cake pan. Mmmm, add a little whipped cream and count me in!

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