How Video Game Designers Pick Characters

December 22, 2010


That's not true, I can list dozens of games with complex female characters. Take Princess Zelda for example. She counts, right? Plus her boobs aren't even that big. I mean in my dreams they're like double-Z's, but in the games she's probably a B-cup. And you know what? I'm cool with that. Granted not as cool as if she had to cart them around in a wheelbarrow, but still. And what about Samus Aran? I thought she was a dude the whole first game! And with the exception of when she's rocking the Zero Suit, her boobs are hidden behind a formless adamantium plate! (I'm just making shit up now). And who could forget those big-tittied wenches you had to have sex with to gain orbs in God of War? *daydreaming* What were talking about again?

How Video Game Makers Design Characters [jezebel]

Thanks to Shenanigans at least one of which would like to see more wiener in games. Hey I'm with you.

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