How To: Multiply Numbers By Doodling

December 14, 2010


Math was always my worst subject. I was a straight C- student. Is that why I got kicked out of the architecture program in college? Maybe. Or it could have been the fact every building I designed either looked like a tit or something to smoke out of. Some both. Whichever the case, I wish I'd learned to multiply by doodling and maybe I would've gone further in life. Because right now I feel like I'm just sort of wavering at the starting line like I was daydreaming when the "GO!" shot was fired. Oh wow, look at all those people run. Holy shit, cool shoes. Anyway, this is an instructional video on how to multiply numbers by counting the number of intersections in a corresponding line-doodle. I'm gonna give it a go, I'll report back.

Okay so apparently 241 x 18 = a dinosaur pushing a robot into a volcano. Sounds right to me!

Hit the jump FOR MY ACTUAL DOODLE and the how-to instructional video.


This Japanese Multiplication Method Will Divide Your Brain By Zero [gizmodo]

Thanks to Ryne and Lydia, who still do math the old fashioned way: with a calculator.

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