Hit Me In The Face!: Beer Launching Mini-Fridge Controlled By iPhone App

December 29, 2010


This is a video of a mini-fridge that's been modded to launch beers when instructed by an iPhone application. You can even choose from four different flavors (as long as they're Budweiser products). What, did I pass out last night and sleep till 2050?!?!

This is the maiden voyage of my mini fridge that now shoots beers via iPhone. It is controlled by an iobridge via a web based iPhone interface and shoots the beers from an air cannon in the housing.

Vends 4 types of beer
Broadcasts temperature
Adjust temperature via iPhone
Aim via webcam
Auto tweet video per shot
Fire beer with 50psi of deliciousness

It's amazing the ingenuity that goes into building an i-Phone controlled beer-shooting fridge can't manage to take a better quality video. Oh well, I guess not everybody can be perfect like you and I. Ha, did I accidentally include you again? I guess neither one of us is.

Hit the jump for the worthwhile (albeit poor-quality) video.


Thanks to Hobie, who trained his dog to fetch beers but now has to tie the refrigerator door closed because Rover started helping himself to Hobie's cheese supply. Shit ain't right, dog!

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