Have Fun Burning In Hell, You Jackass: Man Steals Gameboys From Open Casket Funeral

December 30, 2010


In sad news, a 17-year old died on Christmas after crashing his car into a telephone pole (rest in peace, buddy). Then, at his funeral a few days later, a 37-year old family "friend" decided to steal the Gameboys others had left for the boy in his casket. Who are you to decide if Gameboys go to heaven or not?!

The boy's uncle, Robert McCombs Jr., approached Bennett after Bennett got in his vehicle and was about to drive away. He asked Bennett about a missing Game Boy.

"The defendant told the uncle that he did not have the Game Boy," according to the affidavit of probable cause. "The uncle then told the defendant that he could see the Game Boy inside the vehicle. The defendant then produced the Game Boy and returned it to the uncle."

As that video system was being returned to the casket, family members noticed that a Game Boy Light and three games were missing.

Bennet, according to his aunt, is "into alcohol" and is "just messed up."

Oh yeah? Well Bennet (THE THIEF), according to the Geekologie Writer, is "gonna burn in hell" and "spend eternity getting flaming game cartridges stuffed up his ass with a pitchfork". Just sayin', the devil's gettin' pretty excited about it.

Man Allegedly Steals Game Boys from Teenager's Casket [gawker]

Thanks to ape roc and Agent, who don't steal from the dead for fear of getting molested by ghosts in the their sleep. Smart thinking, guys.

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