HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU AND YOURS!! (From The GW And His Local Liquor Store)

December 24, 2010


Yes, that's really my local liquor store. Yes, they really open at six every morning. Yes, I've been there when they unlock the door. HAAAAAAAAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Hope you're all having a great break and haven't sleighed(!!!!!!!!11) any relatives yet. I came close to braining a couple of my neighbors with a stein full of mulled wine yesterday but I decided to take the high passive-aggressive road and get back at them by having the loudest sex possible in the middle of the night. THAT'S NO EARTHQUAKE FOLKS, MY HEADBOARD'S ABOUT TO COME THROUGH THE BACK OF YOUR CLOSET! Everybody please be safe this holiday weekend. If I have any down (read: sober, read: HA!) time I'll make a couple posts, otherwise I'll see you bright and early Monday where we'll discuss the new year, resolutions, and the importance of video games to maintaining a healthy, meaningful relationship with your significant other. Merry Christmas --here's to beating the presents out of the Kool-Aid Man when he drops down your chimney breaks in through a basement window tonight!

Happy Holidays,

Your Geekologie Writer

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