SPOILER ALERT!: Han Solo Kills Chewbacca In New Star Wars Force Unleashed Game

December 16, 2010


Granted it's by accident, but still. Basically your character ('the Apprentice') is about to choke out Chewie when Han runs up and shoots at you, but you shift Chewie in front of Han's pews (NOT penis). Theeeeeeeeen you run Han through with your lightsabers. Wow, that is NOT how I remember things going. Which, wait a minute -- I don't even recall signing up for the dark side! "Uh, remember that time in college you applied for a 39.90% APR Visa card because they were giving away free beer bongs?"
CURSE YOU, FINE PRINT! Where's Luke, I wanna kill him.

Hit the jump for the disturbing video.


Thanks to Christopher, who always knew Han shooting first was going to come back to haunt him.

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