Guy Builds Himself Functional Star Trek Door

December 7, 2010


Personally, I'm cool with a regular door provided the lock still works and the knob can hold a sock. But for some people that just isn't enough. Enter the 'Air-Powered Star Trek Door', a door that guarantees you'll never need to put a sock on the non-existent knob. Just kidding, I'm sure the ladies love this sort of thing.

An enterprising (heh) DIY engineer from Miami accomplished the task that Scottie couldn't by installing a door in his house that not only slides open like a real Star Trek door, but the compressed air that it uses exhausts out of a vent and provides that awesome real sound.

"I always wanted a piece of Star Trek and the Disney Monorail in my house, and one thing they have in common is that they both have automatic sliding doors," Mark wrote. "It would be the perfect, most geek-ified entryway for my bedroom. Only one problem: I was still in school and still lived at home with my mother in New Orleans. I had tried to convince her for years that installing a Star Trek Door would be a good idea, but it never happened. It wasn't until we were renovating our house after Hurricane Katrina that she finally caved in.

First of all, you really did do a great job (read: just needs a motion detector), so congratulations. Secondly, from a mother's standpoint, IT'S NEVER A GOOD IDEA TO HAVE STAR TREK DOORS INSTALLED IN YOUR HOME. No mom wants attention drawn away from her Precious Moments figurine collection. God, stop thinking about yourself all the time!

Hit the jump for a demonstration of the door in action. Doors opening -- exciting!

Air-Powered Star Trek Style Door
Mark's Blog
Man Creates Working Star Trek Door [escapistmagazine]

Thanks to Joseph, who has locked bank vault doors on every room in the house and has to go to the bathroom at least 10 minutes early or risk peeing in the hallway.

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