Chiller Killer: Ninja Star Refrigerator Magnets

December 3, 2010


Personally, I hot-glue my ladyfriend hot-glues magnets to the back of beer bottle caps to stick things (grocery lists, dino doodles, photobooth pictures, etc.) to the fridge. I dunno, something about being ultra-classy. Plus it goes with my alcohol motif. But maybe your kitchen has more of a feudal Japan thing going on. Your ass needs ninja star magnets, bro.

Each black set [$18] comes with 2 Ninja Shuriken Magnets in a ninja style package.

The most impressive weapon that a ninja holds is definitely the mysterious "shuriken". In the early days, delivering secret marks were an important mission for ninja. This product connects the connotation of shuriken and secret mark to imply that an announcement always carries an important message.

Alternatively, swing by the ninja-sword kiosk at the mall and pick up some real shurikens. Then stand in front of the fridge -- SHOELESS -- and start throwing. And remember: you're not a real ninja until you're missing toes. Just sayin', those ninja turtles only have two per foot and they're badasses! Think about it.

Hit the jump for two more shots of the fridge killers and a link to the product site.



Yanko Design Product Site
This is how Joe Musashi keeps stuff on his fridge [albotas]

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