Get Inside Me!: 8-Bit Nintendo Skittle Art

December 15, 2010


This is Link in 8-bit Skittle form by deviantARTist Matt McManis. As you can see, he looks pretty delicious despite the lack of red Skittles, which I think we can all agree are the best ones unless you have absolutely zero taste or decency. I assume the sword hilt is made with Skittles Matt let his dog lick the shellac off, although they could be those super-sour ones that f*** your whole mouth up with that diamond-dust they coat them with. No lie, one time I ate a whole pack of those at once and afterward it felt like I'd chewed razor blades. Last time I buy candy that's been stapled closed!

Hit the jump for Mario.


Matt's DeviantART
Skittles Mario and Link Taste Like 8-bit Rainbows [obviouswinner]

Thanks to Princess Yum-Yum of the Delicious Kingdom, who knows everything there is to know about red Skittles. God I love that about you.

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