German Robot Face Toilet Paper Dispensers

December 9, 2010


Told you they were shit-eaters!

Want a toilet paper dispenser that looks like a friendly robot? That was a trick question, there's no such thing as a friendly robot. Per Google translation of the German product site:

The coolest toilet paper holder at all! Sauerkraut! German chocolate cake! Bratwurst!

The Toilet Paper Holder Airyusha Robotan you sticks his tongue out or the toilet paper and embellished with its sheer presence of your bathroom. Mercedes! BMW!

The butt-munching robots sell for 14,90 € (~$20) and will be torn off the wall and destroyed if I ever see one. Plus I'll probably write something profane on the stall door. Something like, "for a good time, open your cell's phonebook and dial 'Mom'. HOHO -- BURN!

Product Site

Thanks to batman's ricecooker, who actually sees a lot more couscous than rice because Robin's a picky eater.

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