FLY IN MY MOUTH!: Angry Birds Cake Pops

December 8, 2010


I leave my iPhone on the back of the toilet tank because I'm working on 3-starring all the Angry Bird levels while I sit on the john. So yeah, think twice before you borrow somebody else's phone -- your mouth is probably an inch away from shit particulate. [Insert transition to cake here] These are Angry Bird themed cake pops (cake balls covered in chocolate/decorations). Look good, don't they? They do. Which -- QUICK GUYS, I JUST SAW SOME BACON MAKING OFF WITH YOUR EGGS IN MY STOMACH! *licking lips* Works every time.

Hit the jump for an individual shot of each species.






Angry Birds Cake Pops! [thesweetsbar]

Thanks to kim, who's petitioning to have cake-pops added to the food pyramid. Where do I sign?

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