First Person Shooter In Real Life (FPSIRL)

December 23, 2010


This is a video from Freddie Wong (the same man behind the fake watermelon shot off the head video) showing what a real first person shooter would look like. Granted it probably could have used some more teabagging, but I'm not complaining. Yes, yes I am. It could have used more teabagging. True story: one time I threw a party and pretended to pass out with my shoes on and just laid there waiting for somebody to start drawing a penis on my face. Nobody did, but my buddy, who I'll call "Dave" (but whose real name is David Jason Barnes of Rockville, Maryland, telephone # (301) 555-8492) eventually tried to teabag me. Little did he know, oh boy, little did he know. I tore his balls off like a rabid dog and then spit them out in the fishtank. We haven't spoken since, but in my mind he sounds like a little lady.

Hit the jump for a very worthwhile 2:00 of pews.


Thanks to Trevor, who recently first-person shot someone in real life before realizing he wasn't playing video games anymore ($200 and I'll dispose of the body).

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