Fire! Destruction! RAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE!: Slow Motion Video Of An X-Box Exploding

December 21, 2010


This is 0:22 video of an X-Box exploding in slow motion. *sniffle* Sorry -- it's just so beautiful.

From Dan Saelinger:

I was recently brought on by Armin Harris for a job with Fortune Magazine. The story was about console gaming's demise. We came up with a concept to incorporate still and video footage of exploding consoles and controllers, particularly Xbox 360′s, for the story. The shoot took place at a pyrotechnics studio in Brooklyn called J and M Special Effects. The location was great because they have a permanent NYC explosives permit as well as a pyrotechnician on staff. Below is a behind the scenes video of the initial set up.

CONSOLE GAMING WILL NEVER DIE! aside, I love how the hard drive doesn't really go anywhere, it just kinda hovers in space for a second before SPOILER ALERT: aliens come and tractor-beam it aboard their ship and make off with all your saved-game data. Okay, so maybe that didn't happen. Would've been a lot cooler if it did though!

Watch and be amazed. Oooooooor pissed people are blowing up X-Boxes when you don't eve have one.

Proof: exploding Xbox 360s look beautiful in slow-mo [dvice]

Thanks to mikey, who once blew up a Tonka truck full of army men but forget to hit record before lighting the fuse. Real smooth, buddy.

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