Family's $82K Christmas Lights Electricity Bill

December 14, 2010


The Faucher family (suck it, Ben Stiller!) of Delaware loves Christmas. Granted they probably don't even know why it's celebrated, but they do love putting up Christmas lights. Me? I'm not allowed to anymore on account of chewing the bulbs. THEN STOP MAKING THEM LOOK LIKE CANDY.

According to HouseLogic the family pays about $686 an hour to run the [1,000,000] lights and will rack up a bill of $82,320 over the month. If they went green with LED lights, they could cut that bill down to $10,680.

*spit-take* You've got to be kidding me! And that's only running them 4 hours/night for a month! I know Christmas is the season of giving, but you're giving me heartburn, Fauchers! Kidding, I think it was the spoiled breakfast burrito. What? Sometimes nothing happens!

family spends $82k to light christmas lights, clark griswold would approve [technabob]

Thanks to Dan, who still hangs those blue icicle lights. Really? Those are tacky.

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