December 6, 2010


Note: The whole, high-res conversation can be viewed HERE.

Geekologie Reader Jason found a Sprint cell phone (presumably at the bar on his way out with 4-6 beautiful womens) and, being the upstanding member of society that he is, contacted Sprint's online customer service in an attempt to return the phone to its rightful owner. This is the exchange that took place. I don't want to ruin it for you, but basically don't ever lose your Sprint phone. Or v-card. I'M SAVING MYSELF FOR DEATH, OKAY?! F***in' love a man with a scythe.

UPDATE: For those of you that are hard of reading, the phone's finder was never asking for the owner's info, he wanted SPRINT to send him a postage-paid box to ship to them, and for THEM to return the phone to it's owner.

Conversation [via email tip]

Thanks Jason, did you try calling 'Mom' or 'Dad' in the phone? I would've told them I was in jail and then hung up!

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