Desecrating Childhoods: Muppet Burlesque

December 5, 2010


Note: Jump is NSFW on account of disturbing imagery (read: pastied children's show characters).

Who knew Sesame Street was in the red light district? I did not. I'm kind of wishing I still didn't. But on account of my unbiased journalistic integrity, this is a series of photos taken at the recent 'Muppet Show Part Deux' burlesque extravaganza in NYC. That's Ms. Piggy there. Snout nips, yo. Hit the jump to see all your favorite characters in ways not even the very sickest of your brains could have imagined. And that's saying a lot because at least half of you should be locked up on account of your imaginations alone. You think I haven't probed your mind before? Snuck in through the butt.

Hit the jump and instantly regret it.








Muppets Burlesque Brings Us Sexy Cookie Monster, Big Bird in Pasties [asylum]

Thanks to Marko and Charlene, who know what they like and this is definitely not it.

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