Definitely The Droids You Were Looking For

December 7, 2010


Remember Black Milk's series of geeky swimwear, including the R2-D2 suit? Well they're back with a $85 C-3PO model to complement the trashcan one. No wonder Luke was always tinkering around with those droids. Get it? Because he wanted a love-bot. Dude would get so excited he couldn't even sleep the night before a Jawa swap meet!

Hit the jump for two more pics, including an ass-shot that inspired me to email the model about the importance of squats in a well-rounded (like a real ass!) exercise regimen.



Black Milk Product Site

Thanks to Carrie (FISCHER?!?!) and Jules, who're holding out for Chewbacca models. You, uh, do know you're gonna look like my uncle, right?

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