Clean Feet Are Overrated: Sticker Shoes

December 20, 2010


You know what the worst thing about shoes are? The laces. They make everything so difficult. Just this weekend I was tying my Pumas (product plug, pay me) before taking the dogs for a walk and wound up hanging myself. This is my ghost writer. Now I know what you're thinking, "Jesus, GW, WTF is wrong with you?! just use Velcro, dummy." And maybe you're cool looking like a total spaz, but I'm not. I'm suave and debonair like James Bond wishes he was. Isn't that right, James? OH -- I spot a clip-on tie! Haha, yeah it's mine. But seriously, could you tell?

Created by Dutch designer Frieke Severs as a concept for Nike, the Footstickers attach themselves to your feet like a second skin, providing grip, protection, and support.

These foot stickers let you keep that barefoot feeling, while providing a little added grip in the critical areas.

While admittedly probably great for huffing, I'm worried that the adhesive necessary to keep sticker shoes attached to your foot all day might rip a toe off when you try removing them. Because one time I tried yanking a really sticky Band-Aid off my finger and it took the whole arm off. Huh? I'M NOT A LEPER YOU'RE A LEPER. And a social pariah. Face!

Hit the jump for two more shots of the your feet are going to look disgusting.



Foot Stickers are the classy way to go barefoot [dvice]

Thanks to Alan, who insists on always going barefoot and probably has hookworms. Sorry Alan, but it's true. And to Shenanigans, who wears shower shoes even in his own shower at home because he thinks people like Alan are disgusting. And he's right.

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