Expensive Crap(!!): Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat

December 27, 2010


This is a $279 carbon fiber toilet seat. If you actually need a carbon fiber toilet seat I'd go ahead and add "shed some serious lb's" to your list of new year's resolutions. Of course, if you just want one because you're rich and already have everything else, I can and will leave a cliffhanger on the seat when I come to visit.

"You know how fast a little fiber can make you go". "It makes you go faster". We've heard them all! We're proud to offer a genuine carbon fiber toilet seat, made with hand layered carbon fiber around a premolded foam core. Be weary of other less expensive seats that may use a wood core...they are much heavier, which defeats the whole purpose of carbon fiber!

Hoho -- I didn't even think of making any fiber jokes! Let's see here -- fiber, fiber, fiber. Ooooh -- I've got it! One time in middle school a friend brought a can of Metamucil to school and bet anybody they couldn't eat a cupful. Needless to say I won his lunch money that day. Theeeeeeeeen shit my pants in social studies. I tried to play it off but the smell was so bad the girl next to me started puking. Sucks too because I had a crush on her.

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Because You Just Can't Have Enough Carbon Fiber [jalopnik]

Thanks to Jeff79, who buries his waste like a normal person. Uh, Jeff? That's not actually what normal people do. Cats yes, normal people no.

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