British ISP's To Block Pr0n Sites As 'Default'?

December 20, 2010


Seen here dozing off into his newspaper after a long afternoon of browsing nudie shows on Live Jasmine (pay me) at his local Apple store, an old British man may no longer be able to get his pr0n fix at home without first contacting his ISP and requesting access to adult sites. LISTEN YOU YOU NAMBIE PAMBIES, I WANT THEM AND I WANT THEM NOW -- MY HEART COULD GO ANY SE...
...Haha, I'm still here. But seriously, cut the boob tubes back on already -- Gramps just took a handful of the blue and I'm already feelin' it. Literally -- while I talk to you.

In a move that smacks of the draconian Internet laws in place in countries like Australia, the UK government has plans to ask ISPs to block all pornography from home Internet connections by default, it's reported today. Under the plan, customers would have to ask the ISP for access to pornography.

The Sunday Times reports that the UK's largest ISPs will be called to a meeting next month to discuss the idea, which is being presented as a way of stopping children from accessing porn.

Not knowing that blonde Slythrin twink ruled Australia's internet aside (you should've elected a Hufflepuff!), this sounds like a pretty crappy idea. Sure you can take the internet out of pr0n, but can you really take pr0n out of the internet? You can't -- it's what it was invented for. *high-five, Al!*

All Internet porn "To be blocked" in the UK UK Internet Porn Block Plan [thenextweb]

Thanks to Bender, who doesn't need the internet, only booze. Lucky! I need both.

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