Blown Away: Laboratory Air Cannon Prank

December 8, 2010


Pranks: funny. Pranks where somebody can get seriously injured: hilarious. You should have seen the time I balanced a hammer on the sill above the apartment door and waiting for my roommate to come home. Now he has a stuttering problem and trouble dressing himself -- LOL! Kidding, that's f***ed up. Anyway, this is a video of some laboratory workers pranking the new guy with a blast from a pneumatic cannon strong enough to blow him across the room. How much power does it take to blow somebody across a room? I dunno, but it must take one hell of a wiener!

Hit the jump for two versions: the short one, and a longer, explanatory one.

This Pneumatic Cannon Prank Is Just Brutal [gizmodo]

Thanks to pureheart, Eric and Sara W. who agree a prank isn't a prank unless there's a chance of something going horribly, horribly wrong.

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