Party!: C-3PO Piñata Packed With Fireworks

December 8, 2010


"Fire in your hole!"

Now that's a creepy looking piñata if I've ever seen one. And I have. Reminds me of having to sleep in the doll room at my grandma's house and just waiting for them to come alive and try to gut me. One time I pretended to fall asleep and then jumped out of bed real quick and like a dozen of the little blinky-eyed bastards were already crawling across the room towards me. Long story short: I threw my comforter over them, smashed them with a dresser, and burnt the house to the ground. You could hear their screams. God I hope those weren't actually her cats aside, this is a video of some guy stuffing a C-3PO piñata with fireworks and shooting it off into the wild blue yonder (complete with on-board camera!). It worked surprisingly well. Granted not as well as if you'd attached a string and tried beating it with a bat while it whizzed around your head, but somebody obviously doesn't understand the true meaning of Christmas.

Hit the jump for a happy ending (I hate C-3 is the thing).

Piñata Store

Thanks to georg, who may or may not be the guy who actually made the video. Although I suspect he is. Also, a stoner (Youtube username: skaduskitai420). Detective GW, on the job!

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