Bangalore, We Have A Problem: Indian Rocket Explodes Moments After Launch

December 27, 2010


The Indian Space Research Organisation really is based in Bangalore, I wasn't being funny. Ever actually. One time I thought I was being funny but it turns out everybody was laughing because my pants were torn in the back and my b-hole was peepin'. True story :(

Here's a fiery portrait of India's second failed launch of 2010. The GSAT-5P, launching a new geosynchronous communications satellite, broke up in the first stage and exploded...

According to press accounts, the GSAT-5P rocket developed an error soon after launch and took on too high an angle during launch, causing the vehicle to break up. Back in April, an earlier launch by the state-run Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) plunged into the Bay of Benghal, due to engine failure.

Damn, two failures in one year? That sucks. I've had engine failure before. Granted nothing blew up, but I did have to ride the bus to work. Yeah, the driver hit something and made me late. Get it?! He hit my privates -- I'm having a boy!

Hit the jump for another shot and a video of the sadness in action.


An Indian rocket blows up in mid air [io9]

Thanks to Caroline, who's never launched a rocket that exploded. Fallen apart on the launch pad due to shoddy craftsmanship, sure; blown up, no.

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