Architect's $1,000 Solar-Powered Egg House

December 13, 2010


Okay so it's not so much a house as it is a hut, but still. Huts ARE houses to some people. Me? I call the back of a 2001 Explorer Sport home. I don't need a kitchen, In-N-Out invented the drive-thru. I'm being serious, they really did. Suck on that fat straw, Ronald McDongle!

Dai Haifei, a 24-year-old architect in Beijing, China, found an ingenious solution to live rent-free. He built himself a mobile egg-shaped house that is powered by the sun.

The 6-foot-high structure, which is small enough to fit on a sidewalk, is made of bamboo strips, wood chippings, sack bags, and grass seed that's expected to grow in the spring.

The pod features a solar panel on the roof that powers a lamp in the cozy space. The house cost around $1,000 to build (6427 yen)

Good lookin', Dai, I'm all for green technology. Unfortunately, what I'm not all for is human shit on the sidewalk, which is why you better move that thing before I set it on fire.

Hit the jump for closeups of the easiest house to break into (tent and box homes excluded).





Beijing architect lives in egg-shaped house on sidewalk [yahoo]

Thanks to The Jeff, who lives in a little bungalow in Los Angeles but had his room-tying rug stolen. No? Not you? Similar name at least.

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