Another Christmas, Another Game You Can Play Using Programmed Christmas Lights Stapled To The Garage Door Of Your House

December 16, 2010


Remember last year's 'Christmas Lights Hero' game? Well the same maker of that game developed a different one this year, entitled 'Snowball Blaster'. Which, unlike 'Snowbank Melter', isn't played with your penis. You do get to sit in one of those little rides from outside the grocery store though!

The Christmas Light video game - Snowball Blaster! Hop in Santa's electric training sled and grab the game controller for an adventure in snowball dodging. Press the left button to move left and the right to move right. Make it past all the snowballs for a big light show!

Snowball Blaster has 128 channels of Light-o-rama controlled by a PC. The game logic is running on a Basic Stamp which accepts inputs from the player switches and controls the Red Arrows with solid state relays.

The game is designed around the limitation of having very few positions to light up. The timing of when they light up is more versatile, so that's where the game lives. It's easy to learn, starts easy and gets harder pretty quick. The audio is broadcast on FM so people watching in cars get a good show too.

I can't even fathom being able to create a game like this from scratch. Of course I can't even make sugar cookies from scratch, and they're supposed to be simple. DAMMIT COOKIES, WHY YOU ALWAYS SETTIN' MY KITCHEN ON FIRE?!

Hit the jump for an impressive demo.


Thanks to Jonathan, who once used a string of Christmas lights to lasso a reindeer and strand Santa on his roof for over an hour. ZOMG, PLEASE TELL ME YOU GOT HIS PRESENT SACK!

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