Air Force Builds 1,760 PS3 Supercomputer

December 3, 2010


Can you say YOUR armed forces' supercomputer was built entirely out of gaming consoles by the same company who invented the Walkman? I think not! Enter the Air Force's 1,760 Playstation 3 supercomputer, allegedly the 33rd largest supercomputer IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE.*

Yes, the Air Force's crazy PS3 computer consists of all those gaming consoles, stripped of their Blu-ray functionality, connected to 168 seperate graphical processing units and 84 coordinating servers. It's used "for things like research into AI, fast processing of satellite pictures and the enhancement of radar."

Nice, I assume it can still stream Netflix though, on account of the movie on the screen there. AND YOU BETTER HAVE NOT PAID FOR 1,760 SUBSCRIPTIONS EITHER, AIR FORCE. You think I won't whip your ass in some Peggle? BRING IT, ACE!

*Alien supercomputers excluded.

The Air Force's PlayStation 3 supercomputer [dvice]

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