FEEL THE BURN: $600 Exercise Office Chair

December 6, 2010


You know what sucks about spending 9-5 at a desk? You can't work out. Well that, and absolutely everything else that prevents you from sleeping in and playing video games all day. But hey -- at least now we've got the exercise thing covered. Enter the $600 GymGym Exercise Chair. Per inventor Adam Ben-David (all first-names FTW!):

I want to support the American worker in transforming their lives by increasing their physical and mental health, self-image, fitness and creativity. GymyGym delivers a customizable, full-spectrum fitness solution within a powerful seating system.

Designed around patented resistance band technology, the GymyGym enables 16 core exercises to strengthen and stretch all major muscle groups. It boasts a patented flat-bungee seating system, which adapts itself to the body of the user to offer personalized support.

The whole problem with the GymGym (besides the name), is you can't actually get any work done while using it (unlike the Walkstation). You're gonna be fired faster than you can say, "let me just finish this Muscle Milk!" Which, fun fact: I stole from the break-room fridge this morning and replaced with non-dairy creamer. WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT, SISSYBOY?!

Hit the jump for a product demonstration AND PREPARE TO GET RIPPED! Raaaawwwr -- RAAAAAAAWWR! (Can you tell I've been juicing?)

Ergonomic GymyGym exercise chair for the office executives [bornrich]
Official Product Site

Thanks to Roberto, who once did squats in a staff meeting. And to inventor Adam Ben-David himself, who I didn't realize sent me this tip until now. SOLID PRODUCT, RECOMMENDED!

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