You Nasty!: C-3POooooooh Tape Dispenser

November 30, 2010


"Come heeeeeere, little Anakin". Geez, no wonder he Vaded out, amirite?

I assume this is some kind of knock-off novelty product from overseas based on C3's come hither look. You know, and the fact his peen is a roll of tape. But who knows, with George Lucas being the money-grubber he is, it might be an actual licensed product. But that's not the point, the point is I must have it, at any cost. Many Bothan's lives? I'LL MURDER THOSE FURRIES WITH MY BARE HANDS!

C3PO Will Happily Dispense Your Tape [buzzfeed]

Thanks to Clark, who once stabbed a Bothan because he saw a bunch of money hanging out of his pocket. Turned out to be a folded newspaper.

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