You Dirty Fondant Pigs!: An Angry Birds Cake

November 12, 2010


Note: Full-size version HERE.

This is an Angry Birds cake made by baker Anya Richardson. Now I just downloaded Angry Birds for my iPhone last week because in the Diffusion of innovation theory I'm what they call a "laggard". And a haggard laggard at that. Seriously, I was at the pharmacy last night picking up my boner pills and the lady asked me if I was a witch. A F***ING WITCH!! I asked her if I was a witch why the hell would I be buying wiener vitamins. You know what she said? I dunno, for a spell or something. Oh, they're for a spell alright! The spells of sadness I'm gonna be casting into paper towels this weekend watching a 'Jurassic Park' marathon. God I'm lonely.

fonatic71's Flickr Gallery
Angry Birds Cake Looks Frustratingly Delicious [obviouswinner]

Thanks to Devin, who not only killed all those those low-down dirty green pigs one by one, but would make the others watch while he fried them up as bacon. I'm not gonna lie -- that, uh, that sounds like something a psychopathic killer would do.

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