Why Fly When You Can Drive?: The BatVan

November 17, 2010


I didn't even know Batman had a van. Ooooor a blow-up Robin love doll for when he's crime-fighting out of town. So yeah, double-whammy. Anyway, this is a BatVan modded by some crazy Japanese fanboy.

Although custom vans are just a bad memory in America, they are still hugely popular in Japan. The Batvan is the result of one van owner's decision to mix a serious love of Batman with Japan's extreme custom van culture.

Good job. I mean, it's gaudy as hell and I wouldn't be caught dead in it for fear of of those wings exceeding the max-height restriction for an overpass, but hey -- to each their own. My own just so happens to be a car that looks like an actual car. If actual cars looked like vaginas rocket ships. Light's green -- PSSSSHOOOOOOW!

Hit the jump for a bunch more pictures.








Crazy Japanese Batman van mod strikes nausea into the heart of evil [iheartchaos]

Thanks to Chris, who was considering buying a used BatMoped off the caped crusader but he'd already spraypainted over the Bat-symbol. Weak sauce!

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