Why Didn't I Think Of That?: Helicopter Ghost Scares Trick-Or-Treaters Off Lawn

November 1, 2010


Michael Colton (not to be confused with Michael Bolton, who can't dance for shit (so I watch Dancing with the Stars, sue me. Also, I can't believe Audrina got kicked off!!!11) went and built a ghost helicopter to scare the children in his neighborhood because, well, other people's kids are annoying and they deserve it.

He pieced this one together from some off-the-shelf R/C quadrocopter parts mounted to a simple aluminum frame, all held together with zip-ties and covered with an old bedsheet. He calls it Mr. T, and we pity the fool who doesn't watch it in action after the break, staged as the performance might be.

Awesome, I'm building one next year. Except mine's gonna be autonomous and steal children's candy straight from their bags. "Uh, GW? Doesn't that like an autonomous killer robot?" *facepalm* No, stupid. Autonomous killer robots sound like, "BEEP BOOP KILL BOP, BEETY BEETY BEETY."

Hit the jump for a video of unholy floater in action.

Man celebrates Halloween with flying ghost helicopter [engadget]

Thanks to ultrapony, who keeps begging me for oats. For the last time -- it's Cheerios or go to bed hungry!

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