What If: LEGO Had Zombie Apocalypse Sets?

November 16, 2010


Would they look like this? Probably. Would I still eat some of the littler pieces? Absolutely. Created by LEGO master Andrew Becraft, these modified LEGO vehicles are just what the minifigs of LEGOland need to help stave off the zombies. You know, or they could go with a single human with a lighter. MWAHAHAHAHA -- bow down before me, little minifigs, I am your flame-wielding god! I will protect you, and you, in return, will do my diminutive bidding. Now, first order of busini-- *knocking* DAMMIT MOM, NOT NOW, I'M PLAYING ZOMB-- Did you say fish sticks? Down in a minute!

Hit the jump for closeups of each vehicle, and then check out Andrew's Flickr for more, high-res shots.




Andrew's Flickr Galleries
Lego Master Prepares For The Zombie ApocaLEGO [jalopnik]

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