Yay: One Step Closer To A Fountain Of Youth

November 29, 2010


In a recent act of actually doing something useful instead of trying to kill us all with robots/determine which animal has the biggest balls, scientists have taken a step towards the proverbial fountain of youth. Which may or may yes involve genetic manipulation. I'm gonna be a spider splicer!

While scientists knew about the role of telomerase--an enzyme that adds DNA sequence repeats at the end of chromosomes--in body decadence and experiments were made with extremely simple organisms, this is the first time that this breakthrough has been achieved in complex mammals.

It was akin to a Ponce de León [the Spanish explorer looking for the Fountain of Youth] effect. When we flipped the telomerase switch on and looked a month later, the brains had largely returned to normal.

One of the most amazing changes was in the animals' testes, which were essentially barren as aging caused the death and elimination of sperm cells. When we restored telomerase, the testes produced new sperm cells, and the animals' fecundity was improved - their mates gave birth to larger litters.

I'm not gonna lie, when I'm 400 I don't care if my testes work or not. My tester -- that's the part that matters. Haha, what do you mean it falls off after 300? ZOMG, IS THAT TRUE?! Dog years or regular ones?

Eternal Youth Potion Discovered [gizmodo]

Thanks to keith, who's convinced clean living and eating right are the keys to longevity. HA! I assume you failed science.

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