Shhh, I'm Hunting Zombies: The Critter Gitter

November 15, 2010


The Critter Gitter is a ridiculous monster truck thing made for hunting zombies/everything else. Mostly everything else. But is that gonna stop me from hot-wiring one and plowing through groups of the undead once the apocalypse begins? It will not.

It's called the Critter Gitter -- an over-the-top purpose-built hunting vehicle. It weighs 13,250 lbs., has 64" tires and it costs $340,000. Most importantly, it has a wet bar.

Designed as to be the ultimate hunting vehicle, the Critter Gitter will take you wherever you need to go after whatever you need to hunt. Built with a Chevy Ram Jet 502 crate engine with Electronic Fuel Injection, the Critter Gitter has the terrifying power it needs to move the 64 inch by 32 inch tires it sits on along with the rest of its 13,250 pound frame.

Speaking of 13,250 pound frames: all my ex-girlfriends. Unfortunately, not a single one had a wet bar, making them virtually useless during a zombie apocalypse. "But GW, you could always throw them overboard as zombie fodder while you make your getaway". And, admittedly, that's not a bad idea. The only problem is, brains: they don't have any. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a call to make. Hello -- ex-boyfriend of the year committee?

Hit the jump for another shot and two videos of the beast in action (both set to terrible-ass music!).


The Critter Gitter is Our New Ultimate Zombie-Hunting Vehicle [jalopnik]

Thanks to justin, who shoots zombies the way God intended: from the bed of an old Ford. AWH YEAH BOOOOOY! (Pass the Jack and let's do this thing)

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