Wearable LEGO Master Chief Helmet

November 17, 2010


This is a wearable LEGO Master Chief helmet designed and built by Ben Caulkins (no relation to Macaulay -- that he'll admit). It looks infinitely better than the cheap rubber version I picked up from the bargain bin at Carl's Costume Basement. Which, un-fun fact: is an actual basement. A creepy one. Carl in a bathrobe with his blimpie hanging out doesn't help. One time he asked if I'd touch it for a 15% discount. I hit it with a plastic pirate cutlass and ran.

Hit the jump for two more shots, including one of Ben modeling the thing on his dome.



The Lego Master Chief Helmet You Can Actually Wear [gizmodo]
Master Chief's helmet looks good in Lego, but won't stand headshots [brothers-brick]

Thanks to X-raptor, who used to be a raptor but isn't anymore? That sucks.

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