WALL-E and EVE, Sitting In A Tree An Oven

November 30, 2010


Where they belong. *closes eyes and imagines the Terminator falling into that vat of molten steel at the end of Judgement Day* MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Love that feeling. So yeah, this is a WALL-E and EVE cake made by Charm City Cakes. You could argue it's untimely because the movie came out more than two years ago or -- OR -- you could argue it's ahead of its time because they're from the future. I believe even the sand is edible graham cracker/chocolate cracklins, however it might be actual sand mixed with soiled cat litter. But would that stop me from still eating EVE like a giant corndog? Hell to the naw.

Wall-E and Eve Love Cake [walyou]

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