Vroom Vroom!: 1,200 Car Hot Wheels Track

November 23, 2010


Ever wonder what a racetrack large enough to have 1,200 Hot Wheels running around at the same time would look like? This. Also, please please please start wondering bigger. I dunno, about naked women or something, you're depressing me. Wondering about giant Hot Wheels tracks. *facepalm*

Now this is art. It's the Metropolis II installation by Chris Burden at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and it looks amazing.

The fully-automated and gigantic track features 1,200 cars and 13 toy trans (sic) zipping around quickly, over and over again.

Oh snap, the LACM is right down the street from me -- I'll have to go check it out sometime. Anybody wanna get in on my field trip? There's like 30 bars on the way too. Plus -- PLUS -- the La Brea Tar Pits. Best field trip ever? You bet your sweet ass. Suck it, Colonial Williamsburg!

Hit the jump for the car racing in action.

This is what 1,200 Hot Wheels flying around one track look like [dvice]

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