Video Game Virtual Property Sells For $335K

November 9, 2010


An asteroid hosting a space colony of apartments, a mall, nightclub and a bunch of other shit in the MMORPG Entropia Universe was recently sold by one gamer to another for the pocket-pounding sum of $335,000. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Let's nuke that rock Armageddon style! But like, from earth so we don't die and can still bang Liv Tyler.

EntropiaPlanets, a fansite dedicated to the world of MMOG Entropia Universe, reports that one of the games' users, Jon Jacobs, has sold a number of in-game properties to another user, John Foma Kalun.

Jacobs, who goes by the in-game name of Neverdie, has made a number of high-profile transactions over the past few years, from the $25,000 sale of his in-game items, to his purchase of a virtual asteroid for $100,000. The purchase of the asteroid, in 2005, was believed to be the most expensive virtual item sale in history. That record was broken by the 2009 sale of the Crystal Palace Space Station for $330,000.

The recent sale, confirmed by Jacobs to the fansite, amounts to a value of $335,000. Jacobs sold a number of bio domes, a mall, stadium and a club to Kalun.

I can think of a lot of ways I'd spend a third of a million dollars, all but one of which doesn't involve buying virtual property in a video game. And the one that DOES involve buying virtual property in a video game is limited to all the strip clubs in the Leisure Suit Larry franchise. Speaking of which, why haven't they made that into an MMORPG? They have, it's called Second Life? *downloading Second Life* I'mma fly my ass straight into a vagina!

Virtual Property Sale Record Broken [next-gen]

Thanks to Chen, who thought about selling his virtual city but decided to hold off until he could hide all the unsightly hobos in a volcano. Smart. Just make sure to leave the prossies, Chen.

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